Monday, April 23, 2012

The Week In Photos {Earth Day Week}

Pin It Now! Happy Earth Day week!  Did you and your loved ones do anything fun for Earth Day this past weekend?  I'll admit I could certainly work on my green-ness.  Someday when we have more of a yard than a tiled deck, I dream of having a beautiful garden full of herbs and veggies.  For now the best I can do is make it a point to buy local produce.

What do you do in the name of being green?

Sorry to sound like Kermit.

Here are the week's photos for you!  How appropriate that there are so many flower photos this week... enjoy!

Picnic lunch date with my love... in the very spot where he proposed :)

Absolutely dreamy rose on our walkway

EEEE!!  Can't wait to bust out some of Ree's recipes!

And of course, a pic of my sweet boy :)

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  1. I absolutely looooove your blog!!! Love your pictures, your posts are so interesting, you have great recipes - the whole package is awesome!!! <3 :-)


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