Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pack your bags - the blog has moved! {Sorta.}

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Happy summer to you!  Hopefully it's sunny and summery where you are, cuz here in Santa Barbara it's foggy and gray (typical June Gloom weather for us!).

When I started this blog a year and a half ago, it was a rather half-baked idea.  I knew I wanted to start blogging, I knew I loved food, photography, etc., but I didn't really know what exactly I wanted my blog's focus to be.  Pretty quickly it seemed that the blog was mostly about food with a few sprinkling of other topics peppered throughout.

After a lot of thought I have decided to transition the food-blog parts of this blog to a more appropriate page.  So with that, I give you Sealed with a Whisk.  Sealed with a Whisk is where you will find delicious recipes and some mediocre photography =)  Montalvo Country will remain active, but will be more of a personal/family blog.  The existing recipes posted on Montalvo Country will remain as they are, and will also appear on SWAW.

Please come join the fun on Sealed with a Whisk!  (Psst, there is a ridiculous yummy recipe up today!)  Thank you so much for your support and kind words as I've developed this blog.  I appreciate all of you and can't wait to continue to bring you recipes you will love.


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